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Get Up, Set Up

Poze's reels are finally turning! Yes reels, not wheels. (Trying to think of camera jokes for Twitter.). I couldn't be more excited and anxious to start this special something up.

The desire to start a photo booth company came many years ago when my sister and I almost bought an inflatable room for event photo booths. We were going to buy props and just have people use their phones. We hesitated on the purchase and never went back around to it.

While getting reacquainted with the outside world after the peak of the pandemic, I re-grew an obsession with starting a photo booth business. However, purchasing the nice photo booths I'd seen at parties and corporate events had become difficult. At least for e-commerce, the industry's powerful sellers shifted from wholesalers to businesses who buy in bulk from wholesalers and resell overpriced business packages. A $300 backdrop? They can kiss a balloon knot!

But these 360 booths began taking things by storm. Once I started seeing them at vendor events, like small outdoor pop up markets, I knew they had a grip on the people who party. Once I started my research to purchase, I was relieved to find they have not been overtaken by tech-savvy entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world.

My first booth has been purchased and customized through a very nice supplier in China! I cannot wait to get comfortable with using it and bringing beautiful smiles to party-goers faces.

- Talia

P.S. Art by me :)

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